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Find the right micropump and matching components for your microfluidic system now!

Bartels Mikrotechnik has been active in the field of microfluidics and micropumps for over 25 years. For us, quality and reliability come first. Whether you are looking for evaluation kits, entire microfluidic systems or individual components such as micropumps for your existing system:
We have exactly what you need.

Bartels kits and systems

Bartels Mikrotechnik mp6 evaluation set mpx EVA mp6 micropump Mikropumpe
Bartels Mikrotechnik microflulidic evaluation sets mp6 micropump mpSmart set with sensor tube and pump
microfluidic systems

Standard kits

You want to test out the mp6 micropump? Then our evaluation kits are for you. Depending on your specific requirements for our micropump, we created different kits

  • With the mp-basic kit you receive all components you need to test our mp6 micropump. Thanks to the mp-Multiboard and the corresponding software, you can test our micropump directly in your system.
  • The mp-Lab! kit goes into more detail. With the laboratory electronic mp-Labtronix you act comfortably in laboratory applications for the micropump, but also for intensive test series.
  • The mp-advance kit connects our mp6 micropump with flow sensors, pressure sensors, active valves or microfluidic chips. Now you can build and test an active microfluidic system including controlling software with our micropump.


Our prepared Plug&Play systems include not only the micropump but also the corresponding controls. They offer an uncomplicated handling of the microfluidic system and are best suited for evaluations or specific applications. We offer the following systems for the mp6 micropump:

As microfluidic system we offer:

  • mpSmart-Dosing – an intelligent pump-sensor combination that enables precise flow control. (0.5 – 8 ml/min)
  • mpSmart-Lowdosing – an intelligent pump-sensor combination that enables precise control in the low flow range
    (0.005 – 1 ml/min).
  • mpSmart-Flowstop –  an intelligent pump-valve combination that enables targeted and safe switching.

You did not find the right thing for you?

The experts at Bartels Mikrotechnik are happy to help you. Our focus is on the design and customization of microfluidic systems and the use of micropumps. If you have any questions about our products or are not quite sure which components are right for you, please contact us:

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    About Bartels Mikrotechnik

    For more than 25 years, Bartels Mikrotechnik has been a globally active manufacturer and development service provider in the field of microfluidics. Together with our partners we help our customers find the right microfluidic solution for their application.

    As microfluidic SolutionMaker, Bartels offers a complete, application-oriented and modular liquid handling system. With our evaluation sets and the mpSmart you can test our mp6 micropump directly in your application. We have already prepared everything for you. We also have a large partner network that enables us to offer you high-quality components tested by us to complement your microfluidic system.

    Our microComponents business unit offers you a wide range of microfluidic components. Bartels Mikrotechnik manufactures and distributes microfluidic products – especially for miniaturized and portable applications. Our key products are micropumps that pump small volumes of gases and liquids. They are used in a variety of ways in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

    In microEngineering, our team is constantly working on new solutions for new markets. We allow new components to mature to the patent stage and work on the transition from individual applications to series production. Our goal is to create complete product worlds for a global market.

    Bartels Mikrotechnik with passion for microfluidics!

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