Cell culturing kit – your functional kit


  • 1x mp-Multiboard2
  • 1x mp-Lowdriver
  • 1x Regulation Software Package
  • 3x mp6 micropump
  • 1x mp-damper
  • 1x SLF3s-0600F
  • 1x Microfluidic chipShop Fluidic 131
  • 1 VE Fluid connectors
  • 1 VE Plugs
  • 1m mp-s Tubing

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

FOX v.1.4.0

Cell Culturing kit – for your easy access

This Cell culturing kit includes all the components needed to set up a microfluidic system for cell handling. We provide you with the necessary microfluidic components, electronics and software. That way, you only need to add your cells and feeding medium to get started with your cell culturing process.

As cells are living systems and can belong to bigger and more complex systems (i.e. organs), it is crucial that the circumstances in cell culture applications are as close to the real conditions as possible. Within the body, cells are constantly provided with feeding medium (i.e. blood). A microfluidic approach to cell handling is optimal for high throughput applications:

  • The system requires minimal space and energy.
  • The whole process is efficient and allows for minimal use and wastage of reagents due to the small channel size.

This kit offers opportunities in perfusing microfluidic bioreactors culturing cells at stable and very low flow rates (down to 5 µl/min). It is possible to dose in one direction exchanging the whole feeding medium or in a closed-loop utilizing the same medium all over the culturing process. The second option is beneficial for some cell behaviours, such as some stem cells. They would die in case of a complete feeding medium exchange.

Especially adherent cells work very well in these microfluidic bioreactors as this type of cells would remain in the chamber (self-organized). The pumping principle and measurement principle of the flow rate sensor do not have an impact of the cell’s performance. Additionally, the microfluidic chip as a microbioreactor offers the opportunity for high throughput application due to its geometrical characteristics. This makes scalability and parallelisation very easy. As this setup is a closed system, humidity in an incubator is not necessary and evaporation does not play a very big role. Therefore, simple incubators only regulating temperatures can be used.

You can read more about cell culturing and why a microfluidic approach is favourable compared to a manual approach on our website. Or you might want to check out our video about cell culturing featuring our very own Regulation software add-on which you are also purchasing with this kit

Data sheets

All needed documentations, manuals, software are available on our homepage in the download section.

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