Droplet generation kit – a fitting droplet for your application


6 x mp6 micropumps

1 x mp-Highdriver4

1 x mp-Driver

1 x mp-Multiboard2 including cable

2 x Reservoir Bundle

1 x mp-s

1 PU mp-y

1 PU Fluid connectors

1 PU Plugs

1 flow sensor SLF3s-0600

1 x mp-damper

1 x Fluidic chip 163

1 x Fluidic chip 912

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Droplet Generation kit-

Fitting droplets for your application


In microfluidics, droplet generation is an important but very complicated topic. The goal is to create droplets of a specific size depending on the application. To make things easier, we have curated this Droplet generation kit. It includes everything you need to start the droplet generation process:

Just like all our other kits, this kit is based on the modular capabilities of the mp-Multiboard2 evaluation board. The Droplet generation kit includes the board, two different driver chips and mp6 micropumps. Additionally, we provide you with reservoirs, tubing and all the connectors needed to properly set up the system.

To facilitate the droplet generation itself, you will use a flow sensor by our partner Sensirion, a flow damper by Bartels and two droplet generation chips by microfluidic ChipShop. The microfluidic chips have two different designs. This allows for the generation of droplets in different sizes and frequencies.

Droplet generation in microfluidics is based on the use of two immiscible phases that are referred to as the continuous phase (oil = medium in which droplets flow) and dispersed phase (water = the droplet). For generating droplets, microfluidic systems generally include a microfluidic chip, a fluid handling system and tubing. This system is usually connected to a computer and a microscope to visualize droplet formation.

Material compatibility: Please be aware of material compatibility when setting up your droplet generation experiment. When utilizing silicone-based oils we recommend the use of Topas chips, while mineral oils require chips made from PC.

There are a number of possible applications for droplet generation. It can be used for single cell analysis and sorting. Additionally, high throughput screenings are also possible.

You can take a deep dive into droplet generation with our case study.

Additionally, we have created a video in which you can see how we set up a droplet generation system.