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Gas flow sensor kit for microfluidic systems


Gas flow sensor kit

including reservoire

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Gas flow sensor kit for microfluidic systems



This Gas Flow Sensor is based off of the SDP series by Sensirion. The sensor measures gas flow rates between 1 and 50 ml/min. It is calibrated for both air and N2. The Gas Flow Sensor can handle a maximum overpressure of 1 bar.

As with all of our components, this sensor also seamlessly integrates into the mp-Multiboard2 and its software. In the sensor section of the software you can simply choose “Gas flow” to read out the sensor findings. You can also log this data to use for further analysis. We also added adapters to the sensor so that it can be used with our existing tubing mp-t or mp-s. That way, you can easily add the Gas Flow Sensor into an existing system featuring our components.

For optimal performance, we sell the Gas Flow Sensor with the Reservoir bundle as a pulsation damper. That way, there are less variances in the measured flow rates and you get a more accurate result. If you are interested in purchasing the Gas Flow Sensor without the Reservoir Bundle, feel free to contact us.

The wetted materials in this sensor are: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), glass (silicon nitride, silicon oxide), silicon, gold, FR4, silicone as static sealing, epoxy, copper alloy and. lead-free solder.

If you rather want to measure the liquid flow inside your microfluidic system, you can check out our liquid flow sensors. We also offer a pressure sensor that can measure both gas and liquid pressure. All of our flow and pressure sensors are adjusted to properly fit our mp-Multiboard2 environment. Therefore, they are controlled via our Multiboard2 software. Feel free to contact us with any and all questions regarding our systems and available sensors.