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Gas Level Sensor | VOC


Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 15,3 mm3
Supply Voltage: 5 Vdc
Measuring Range VOC: 0 – 65535 ticks
Interface: I2C
Allowable Overpressure: 1 bar

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Gas Level Sensor | VOC


Get to know the Bartels Mikrotechnik advanced VOC sensor, a state-of-the-art solution for in- and online monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), designed to integrate seamlessly with air treatment systems and air quality monitors. This sensor incorporates Sensirion‘s cutting-edge SGP40 technology, leveraging the strengths of patented CMOSens® Technology to deliver a comprehensive sensor system on a single chip.


The core of our sensor’s functionality is Sensirion’s powerful VOC Algorithm, which is integral to the gas index algorithm software. This allows the sensor signal to be directly utilized for assessing indoor air quality, making it an invaluable tool for controlling air treatment devices such as activating fan controls gradually based on the detected VOC levels.

Perfect Fit

Our VOC sensor features a digital I²C interface which allows for easy integration and communication with existing systems, including the widely used The Bartels Pump | BP7 and mp-Multiboard2 evaluation board, enhancing the versatility and applicability in a variety of settings. The built-in temperature-controlled micro-hotplate and a humidity-compensated indoor air quality signal ensure precise and reliable readings, essential for maintaining optimal indoor air quality. Bartels Mikrotechnik‘s VOC sensor is a perfect fit for developers and manufacturers focusing on indoor air quality and energy-efficient air treatment solutions. Its robust design guarantees longevity and performance, setting a new standard in VOC detection technology. Equip your air quality monitors and treatment devices with our VOC sensor to ensure a healthier, more sustainable indoor environment.