Microfluidic Reservoir Bundle for your system


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Microfluidic Reservoir Bundle


Almost every fluidic system requires a corresponding reservoir. That is why we now offer a microfluidic Reservoir Bundle. The bundle includes a screw neck vial, the screw closure with hole and septum, a short dosing tip and a long dosing tips well as male Luer to Bard connectors. You can find all the technical details below.

Our Reservoir Bundle can be used for both direct flow and indirect flow (i.e. pressure driven flow/ pressure over liquid). The reservoir has a high chemical resistance due the materials used – glass and stainless steel.

For direct flow applications both dosing tips can be use equally. For indirect flow applications it is recommended to utilize the short dosing tip for pressurizing and the long dosing tip for taking the liquid. It can also be used for a damping volume between the micropump and a gas flow sensor minimizing the pulsation.


Screw neck vial

  • V=10 ml
  • Height 22.5 mm
  • Diameter 46 mm
  • Wetted material: Glass

Screw closure with hole and septum

  • Septum: silicon and PTFE; thickness: 1.5 mm; hardness: 45° shore A
  • Cap: metal (magnetic)
  • Operating temperature range: -60 – 200°C

Short dosing tip

  • Exterior diameter: 1.83 mm
  • Interior diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Capillary length: 38 mm
  • Connection: Luer-Lock; Material: plastic

Long dosing tip

  • Wetted material: stainless steel
  • Interior Diameter: 1 mm
  • Exterior Diameter: 1.4 mm
  • Capillary length: 50 mm
  • Connection: Luer-Lock

Male Luer to Bard connector (2x)

  • Wetted material: PP
  • Barb diameter: 1/16”
  • Operating temperature range < 100°C


The microfluidic Reservoir Bundle is created to work best with our systems. In case you do not already have tubing for your system, you can buy the mp-t tubing in our shop as well. You might also be interested in our mp-hc hose clamps. All technical details on these and our other components can be found in our data sheets.