mp-basic kit


  • 6 micropumps
  • 1 m mp-t tubing
  • 1 pu mp-hc host clamps
  • 1 x evaluation board
    mp-Multiboard (including Micro-USB cable) and three driver chips:

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mp-basic kit – all for the micropump

Our mp-basic set is ideal for testing our mp6 micropump for your application.

To be able to test the pump for its suitability, the mp-Multiboard is designed to be operated with simple handling steps.

The mp-Multiboard with integrated Arduino can be equipped with all our available drivers, so that from the lowest flow rate with one micropump up to four micropumps can be tested simultaneously. The available driver chips are mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver and mp-Highdriver4. All driver chips that can be used on the evaluation board are controlled with the software developed by us, allowing easy operation.

In the software the frequency, as well as the voltage can be adjusted. In addition, there is an integrated timer mode, whereby the micropump can be switched on and off selectively. Due to the simple plug-in connection and the existing cables, a flexible use of the micropumps with the mp-Multiboard is given.

The software for the mp-Multiboard is available in our download area.

Thus a simple set-up for testing the mp6 micropump is easily possible.

Of course, tubing (mp-t) and hose clamps (mp-hc) are also included in the set.


Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

Technical data (basic)

mp-basic evaluation-set containing:

*6 piezoelectric double diaphragm pump
Product in compliance with RoHs directive.

*1 mp-Multiboard
evaluation board for Arduino
It runs all driverchips mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver, mp-Highdriver4

*1 mp-Lowdriver
Output for one micropump of the mp6-series

*1 mp-Highdriver
Output for one micropump of the mp6-series

*1 mp-Highdriver4
pump driver for driving up to four micropumps simultaneously

*1m mp-t ID1.3 Tygon® Tubing for micropump

*1 Micro-USB Kabel

*1 Software and driver

*1 pu Micro Hose Clamp mp-hc
packaging unit: 10 pieces

Customs tariff code
mp-Multiboard 85423990
mp-Highdriver 85423990
mp-Lowdriver 85423990
mp-Highdriver4 85423990
mp6 84135040
mp-t 39173200
mp6-mol 85369010
mp-hc 39174000


You can find more technical data in the data sheet or in the download area on our homepage


All needed documentations, manuals, software are available on our homepage in the download section