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mp6-lowflow-lab! set


  • 3 pumps
  • 1 m mp-t tubing
  • 1 pu mp-hc host clamps
  • 10 cm restrictor
  • 1 x Controller:
    mp-x (including power supply, mp6-con cable, USB-cable)

Delivery time: 1-3 working days


mp6 lowflow lab! set

This set has been specially designed for your application with very low flow rates.

This set is ideal for testing applications with particularly low flow rates!

With the electronic mp-x you can operate comfortably in laboratory applications, but also for intensive test series or if you are not so familiar with the secrets of electronics.
With this electronic you can easily adjust frequency, amplitude and signal shape at the knobs and toggle switches to achieve the desired change in flow or pressure values.

With this set you will receive a USB cable for connection to your PC and a power cable for the power supply as well as an mp6-con cable to connect the pump.
The matching hose (mp-t) and hose clamps (mp-hc) are also included.

The set contains three of our standard mp6 micropumps.
The special feature of this set is the included restrictor, which reduces the flow rate beyond the possibilities offered by the electronics.
The chosen restrictor is only an example, shorter and longer variants are possible.

Please keep in mind that the viscosity of your medium also has an effect on the flow rate.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Technical data (basic)

mp6-lowflow-basic evaluation-set containing:

Piezoelectric double diaphragm pump (mp6)

  • mp6
    material in fluid contact: Poly Phenylene Sulphone (PPSU)
    dimensions: 30 x 15 x 3.8 mm³ without fluid connectors
    fluid connectors: barbed tube connector; outer diameter 1.9 mm
    electrical connector: flexible printed circuit
    typical performance:
    controlable volume range: 8 µl/min – 10000 µl/min
    volume flow: typ. 8 ml/min
    back pressure: typ. 500 mbar
    (data taken with DI water, settings of the extended controller: 100 Hz, 250 V, SRS signal).
  • mp-x
    microcontroller-driven electronics:
    waveform, frequency and amplitude can be changed separately,
    connector for one mp6-series micropump,
    usb interface includin driver software,
    including power plug and manual.
  • mp-t ID1.3
    Tygon® Tubing for micropump
    Inner diameter 1.3 mm
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Software and driver
  • Micro Hose Clamp mp-hc
    Leakproof tube connection that fits perfectly on the tubing mp-t (1.3mm id; 3mm od) over the mp6-series barbs.
    The clips are easy to mount.
    Full-plastic (PPSU) and reusable
  • restrictor
    For the use with the tubing mp-t (1.3mm id; 3mm od) to lower the flowrate; reusable.

Customs tariff code
mp-x 85432000
mp6 84135040
mp-t 39173200
mp6-mol 85369010
mp-hc 39174000

You can find more technical data in the data sheet or in the download area on our homepage


All needed documentations, manuals, software are available on our homepage in the download section