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Solenoid valvebundle: 3/2 way solenoid valve


  • mp-valvedriverB
  • 2 solenoid valve 6724-T00,8AAPK-DA44-012/DC-01-00-12 Bürkert
  • Cable for the connection to the mp-Multiboard2
  • power supply

Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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Solenoid valvebundle

The Solenoid valvebundle features a solenoid valve by our partner Bürkert. The valve is a 3/2-way valve and is media separated. It is best suited for applications with liquids and gases that require a very fast reaction time.

This solenoid valve has a reaction time of only 3 ms. Additionally, the switching is almost non-audible (< 20 dB). The valve also offers a high chemical resistance. All of this means that the valve has a wide range of possible applications.

The complete Solenoid valvebundle includes everything you need to add this microfluidic valve by Bürkert to your microfluidic system and the mp-Multiboard2:

  • two 3/2-way solenoid valves
  • one cable to connect up to two valves to the mp-Multiboard2
  • one mp-valvedriverB to properly control and monitor the valves inside the Multiboard app
  • and a power supply for the mp-Multiboard2 to ensure maximum performance.

The mp-valvedriverB can also be used with the solenoid valves by our partner Festo. You can find these valves in the Gas valvebundle. If you are interested in testing both valves and do not want to buy both valvebundles, please contact us. We are happy to help you with your enquiry. Please note that it is not possible to use both solenoid valves at the same time with only one mp-Multiboard2.

We offer a wide variety of microfluidic valves for your system. So, make also sure that you check out the Bistable valvebundle and the Normally-closed valvebundle – both featuring shape memory alloy valves. You might also be interested in reading more about the microfluidic valves in our portfolio on our website.

Data sheets

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