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In this shop you can discover the variety of our Evaluation sets and microfluidic systems.

We have the right set for your application - be it in the lab or as a hobby.

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Bartels Sets and Systems

Bartels Mikrotechnik mp6 evaluation set mpx EVA mp6 micropump Mikropumpe
Bartels Mikrotechnik microflulidic evaluation sets mp6 micropump mpSmart set with sensor tube and pump

Why “Standard”?

Our evaluation sets, which fall into the category “standard”, are characterized by the fact that you can test and try out our mp6 micropumps to the full extent.

Different sets exist for different applications:

  • Basic / Lab! – if you want to test our standard micropumps mp6-hyb, mp6-gas, mp6-gas+ and mp6-liq for your applications!
  • Lowflow – Do you need low flow rate? Then one of the low-flow categories is the right one. Decide which electronics you would like to test and start testing!
  • Chemical – You have different liquids and are unsure which of our micropumps has the necessary chemical resistance? Then test this with our Chemical Sets, which contain our mp6-PI, mp6-PP and of course the mp6-hyb.

Why “system”?

Our “microfluidic system” is a complete system and includes not only the pumps but also the appropriate controls. It is a Plug&Play system, which is perfectly suited for evaluation. It can be more specific for your applications.

As microfluidic system we offer:

  • mpSmart -is an intelligent pump-sensor combination that enables precise flow control.