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Bartels Kits and Systems

Bartels Mikrotechnik mp6 evaluation set mpx EVA mp6 micropump Mikropumpe
Bartels Mikrotechnik microflulidic evaluation sets mp6 micropump mpSmart set with sensor tube and pump
microfluidic systems

Why “Standard”?

Our evaluation sets, which fall into the category “standard”, are characterized by the fact that you can test and try out our mp6 micropumps to the full extent.

For different requirements there are different sets with different ranges::

  • Basic – If you want to test our standard micropumps mp6 for your applications and that with an easy to use software!
  • Lab! – You have space and want to test the full scope of the mp6 micropump in smallest settings with a lab box? Then get to the lab box and start testing!
  • Advance -You want to use a flow sensor, pressure sensor or an active valve in addition to the micropump? You want to test this without further controls? Then you get here the full package, including a microfluidic chip and the option to control everything in one software, as well as being Bluetooth capable. – Soon available

Why “system”?

Our “microfluidic system” is a complete system and includes not only the pumps but also the appropriate controls. It is a Plug&Play system, which is perfectly suited for evaluation. It can be more specific for your applications.

As microfluidic system we offer:

  • mpSmart-Dosing – is an intelligent pump-sensor combination that enables precise flow control. (0.5 – 8 ml/min)
  • mpSmart-Lowdosing – is an intelligent pump-sensor combination that enables precise control in the low flow range
    (0.005 – 1 ml/min).
  • mpSmart-Flowstop – is an intelligent pump-valve combination that enables targeted and safe switching.

Interesting selection, easy ordering - Micropump Sets at Bartels

We gladly share our love for microfluidics with our customers. This has been a driving reason for the creation of our online shop.

The variation of the single sets enables every user to order an individual and suitable solution for his needs. From laboratory to hobby.
The ordered items all go through a strict quality control and are then delivered directly to you from our warehouse.

Our sets and systems consist of:

  • Micropumps (mp6 series): you get the pump that fits to your application by choosing the suitable set/ system
  • Controller (you choose your controller, by choosing your set/ system)
  • Component parts (tubes (mp-t), hose clamps (mp-hc))

It is worth taking a look at our assortment!

Quality first and foremost

We are ISO certified and see it as our mission to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

In our online store we currently offer different versions of our evaluation sets as well as our microfluidic systems.
Over time we plan to expand the online offer for you.

All other products are presented on our homepage. Information about delivery and all conditions can be found here.

Service: We are here for you!

If you have specific questions about our products, services or an order, please feel free to use our consulting service.
We will be happy to help you further.

You can reach us by e-mail at or by phone at +49-231-47730-500.

Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00.

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Who we are and what we do: Bartels – with passion for microfluidics

Bartels Mikrotechnik has been a pioneer in the production of microsystem components for more than 20 years.
We as a company have specialised in innovative applications of microsystems technology (MST) in the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology and diagnostics. In addition to the focus on microfluidics, microactuators and micromechanics are also among our technological focal points.

Our international activities are divided into two business areas: Both business areas go hand in hand and support the development and expansion of the other.


microComponents – our product range, 100% German engineering

We distribute self-developed microfluidic products.

The key products are our micropumps – small, flat and of high quality.
The mp6 series consists of the following pumps: liq, gas, gas+, pp and pi.

They are even available in evaluation sets or as microfluidic systems with other components such as electronic controls.
Our microvalves (mp-cv and mp-av) and filters (mp-f) are just some of the products our product range includes.

The sets and systems are offered for sale here in our official online shop. Thanks to our numerous worldwide distribution partners, we ensure that our hardware is always globally available.
In addition, we offer an accessible service, which provides you with competent advice at all times.

If you want to know more about our products, please visit our website.
There we will inform you about our mp6 series micropumps, our electronics and other components.


microEngineering – our innovation service for you

Together with you we innovate.

With our specialised microfluidic know-how, we develop individual, flexible and market-driven product solutions that exactly meet your requirements.
Our aim is to support industrial customers in the conversion of conventional product solutions into product innovations with the help of microsystems technology (MST) – and thus to open up completely new possibilities. No matter whether optimisations of existing products or completely new inventions are required – flexible, individual and market-oriented solutions are developed.

The customer-specific adaptation of micropumps and the corresponding electronic controls is one of the services offered by our company in the microEngineering segment.

Discover the world of microfluidics with us.

Further information on microEngineering can be found on our website.

We hope you enjoy discovering and trying out our sets and systems!