mp-Multiboard2 for microfluidic systems



incl. micro-USB-cable
connection cable with mp6 micropump

excluding driverchip!

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The mp-Multiboard2 connects your components. This turns them into a microfluidic system. The mp-Multiboard2 is an evaluation board that enables the control of one of our I²C controlled pump drivers (mp-Driver, mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver, mp-Highdriver4) by an ESP32 microcontroller.

You can connect up to six mp6 micropumps to the board. In the next step, you can add valves, pressure and flow sensors to your microfluidic system. The mp-Multiboard2 has several auxiliary connections for these components.

In addition, an external power supply connector is provided. Alternatively, the board can also be powered via the USB port of the microcontroller. So, depending on how many components you are using, power can even be supplied simply via the USB port of a laptop.

The mp-Multiboard2 comes pre-programmed with interface software and a Windows application. With the software you have your entire microfluidic system in view. In the software you control the micropumps and valves. In addition, you read the values of the various sensors here. The software is available in the download area of our website.

All relevant technical data of the mp-Multiboard2 can be found in the electronic data sheet. Here, you can also find more information about the other electronic components that complete your microfluidic system.

In order to operate the mp6 micropump with the mp-Multiboard2, you need a driver. We offer the mp-Driver for higher viscous fluids, mp-Lowdriver for low flow rates and the mp-Highdriver for higher flow rates. Furthermore, you can use the mp-Highdriver4 to drive up to four mp6 micropumps at the same time. All drivers can be purchased in our store.

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If you want to build a complete microfluidic system, you should also have a look at our kits. With the mp-basic kit and the mp-advance kit, we have put together all components and accessories you need for a first microfluidic system.

If you want to see the mp-Multiboard2 in action, just have a look at our YouTube channel. Here, we show you various scenarios how the mp-Multiboard2 can be used in specific applications.




Technical data

mp-Multiboard2 without driverchip

for the simultaneous control of up to four micropumps

dimensions 142,5 x 71 x 19 mm³ (just circuit board dimensions!)
power supply 5 VDC, 500 mA
amplitude, frequency and signal shape are variable and depends on the chosen driverchip

packaging unit 1 piece

Customs tariff code / custom tariff code USA
85423990 / 8542.39.00.01

Data sheets

All needed documentations, manuals, software are available on our homepage in the download section.