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Mixing Kit


1x mp-Multiboard2

1x mp-Highdriver4

4x mp6 micropump

1x Microfluidic chipShop Fluidic 658 (Pearl-Chain Mixer)

1x Microfluidic chipShop Fluidic 1460 (Herringbone Mixer)

1x Microfluidic chipShop Fluidic 1079 (3D Serpentine Mixer)

1 VE Fluid connectors

1 VE Plugs

1m mp-s Tubing

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Mixing kit

Fluid mixing is the principle of merging two immiscible fluids to a homogenous ratio.

As microfluidics is an enabling technology for bioprocesses in life sciences, mixing plays a very big role in applications such as biotechnological diagnostics, biosensing, DNA analysis and sequencing, but also in flow chemistry and micro reaction applications.

In macrofluidics, turbulent flow leads to cross-flows which fasten mixing. Adding active mixing principles like agitation completes the efficient mixing processes. In microfluidics laminar flow commonly is the governing flow type. The lack of cross-flows leads to the fact diffusion is the governing mixing principle.

Diffusion is a very slow process and this would need very long flow channels which would lead the characteristics of microfluidics ad absurdum. So, scientists have developed many principles for introducing cross-flows artificially. Even active mixing is possible at microfluidic footprint. 

The objective of this kit is to give at least quick and simple access of the general mixing behavior in microfluidics and to demonstrate three passive mixing principles.